Monday, March 21, 2016

March 2016 — HOORAY!  Spring is Here!

As usual, we are very excited for the upcoming year…OUR 17th YEAR IN BUSINESS!

SPRING CLEAN-UP PROCESS: Once the weather breaks, CLUTCH is ready to give you a spring cleaning…on your landscape that is! In the past, we have started working as early as St. Patty’s Day.

A typical Spring Clean-Up includes:

1.  Overall cleaning of flower beds and turf—removal of all unwanted debris & old perennials

2.  Raking the stone and salt debris, deposited by the city snow plows, from your tree lawn

3.  MOST IMPORTANT:  Raking the snow mold on your lawn.

4.  Optional Mulching: “The icing on the cake!” Once all of the above is complete let CLUTCH give your flower beds a fresh look for the season with only the HIGHEST QUALITY mulch.

Fertilizing Program:  Look for the little ORANGE Flags!

STEP 1: Pre-Emergent Late March - Early April
STEP 2: Weed & Feed—Early May (Once we see DANDELIONS)
STEP 3: Insect & Grub Control —Early Summer (Before JULY 4th)
STEP 4: Liquid Weed ControlJuly-August
STEP 5: Fall Fertilizer—Early September
STEP 6: WinterizerEarly November

***This program is not guaranteed and customers often request additional applications at the normal cost. Weather conditions and proper watering by the homeowner are major factors that we cannot control that directly affect the success of any fertilizer program.  


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